3 Non-Scale Ways to Track Fitness Progress

3 Non-Scale Ways to Track Fitness Progress
Whether you’re doing a weight-loss challenge, working with a trainer or just chipping away at your health goals on your own, it’s important to track your results.Tracking allows you to see how effective the method that you are using actually is and provides valuable feedback to keep you motivated. The scale may seem like the best way to track your progress, but it only measures one small piece. And if that number is not something that you’re very happy with, you may not be as motivated to keep going in your fitness journey. ⚖️❌
Here’s what you can do instead:
🤳 Before and After Photos
Take a few photos in different angles before you start your challenge or program
and then take photos at the end to compare.
📏 Monthly Body Measurements
Here are some areas you can measure using a tape measure (ask a friend or spouse for some help)
  • Bust: around the upper body, including the breasts
  • Chest: around the rib cage, just below the bust
  • Waist: usually the smallest part of the upper body, above the hips and below the rib cage
  • Hips: around your hip bones, below your stomach and at the top of the pelvic region
  • Upper Arms: around each arm, about 1-2 inches below the armpit (2 separate measurements)
👗Try On Your Clothes
Perhaps you have a pair of jeans or a dress that you’re hoping to fit back into. Try it on every 4-6 weeks and see how it fits.
You definitely don’t need to rely on the scale to measure and track your progress. Use these other methods and you’ll stay motivated without being frustrated by the scale.
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