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12 Week Transformation Program- Upgrade Your Health

12 Week Transformation Program- Upgrade Your Health

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Let's talk about this 12 week nutrition course! 

There is a lot of info here but the most important thing is to go at your own pace and take one step at a time.

The underlying theme is to make "healthy upgrades". These include things like including protein and healthy fat in every meal, eating more fruits and veggies, eating more whole foods and less processed foods, getting enough water, eating in moderation, and sitting down to enjoy your meals.

As we go though the 12 weeks, we will dive deeper into calories, macro breakdowns, portions, metabolism, etc. but the basics have to be mastered first. 

This is why I say go at your own pace. If it takes you 12 weeks to just start eating more fruits and veggies - that is great! You can get into the rest of the content when you are ready. We will work through this together. :)

Eating healthy is a life long journey and honestly, I debated making this program longer than 12 weeks because this stuff takes TIME.

Each module here has lessons, action items, and an accountability task. Some modules have additional worksheets and bonus materials to read through.

There is no way you can remember everything - which is why it is all here to refer back to.

The main items to focus on each week are the action items and accountability tasks included at the end of the weekly lessons. Knowledge is great but we have to actually do stuff. ;)

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